Healthy Living Coach

After being diagnosed with a severe sensitivity to fragrance and chemicals, I began researching products I can use for cleaning, laundry, and personal care that were fragrance-free and without harsh chemicals. I also researched supplements that would really work to boost my immune system and help me become the healthiest I could be. I discovered through my research that the best way to get the nutrients you need everyday is through real,whole food. Now, I know it is difficult to get all the nutrition you need everyday by eating all the right foods, but I discovered there is a better way, whole food supplements. Through these supplements made from real food, you can get more and better quality nutrition than trying to eat the equivalent amount and quality food to feed your body the nutrition it needs to be as healthy as possible. This blog will be about nutrition, supplements, chemical and fragrance-free products, relationship advice for those who want to make not only their bodies, but their home and life as healthy as possible. Please follow me in this journey of heath and share your ideas and finds as well. I will be researching products to help us find the best products out there. As well as offering advice from our Maker about spiritual health and how to live the best, healthiest life we can.Please comment or ask questions. We can do this together!

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