Today’s words will be about friendship. We all need friends, right? I don’t think anyone will disagree that having a good support group is beneficial to our emotional health. It can also do wonders for your physical health. Start a walking group, join a gym with a buddy or even make a pledge to do more exercising and have a friend to be accountable to, someone who will help you stay on track. As for emotional health, just having someone to talk to gives you a precious release to too much ‘aloneness’.

Yes, you can have too much aloneness. Being by yourself sometimes can help you recharge and de-stress. But always being alone can lead to depression and illness. If you don’t have family or friends, go out and find them. Find something that interests you, knitting, drawing, quilting, writing, whatever it is there are classes or groups you can join and meet like-minded people. Or just send me a note. I would like to get to know you.

Always remember, to have good friends, you have to BE a good friend. Leave out the gossip, back-biting, judging, any mean things. They are not productive and can lead to bitterness and loss of friendships. Share happy things and joy. Don’t try to monopolize the conversation, remember your friend needs someone to talk to also.

Do something today to improve your emotional health. Find a good church to attend, take a class at your local community college, believe me there are people of all ages there, if you are a senior like me join your local senior center, join the YWCA. Whatever your interest, join them. Then send me a note telling me how it worked out for you. Have a beautiful day.  Already have a group of friends? Nurture that friendship, invite them along to events you share an interest in. Give them a call just to see how they are doing. Bake them some cookies. And most importantly, listen.

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