Eating healthy to boost your brain function

For healthy memory function, the best defense is a good offense. Feed your body the things it needs for maximum protection of your memory and brain function. Each part of our bodies has its own function and its own nutritional needs. If your body does not get the proper nutrients, it will eventually fail. For a long life with a healthy body, we must eat right. Do not think of eating as something we must enjoy, but as something we must do to strengthen our bodies and its functions.

There are foods that need to be avoided or limited for a healthy body.

  1. White foods
  2. Beer
  3. Processed meats, cheeses
  4. Microwave popcorn

Not a surprise. We have all heard that we need to limit these foods, not just for weight-loss, but also to control your blood-sugar, and to limit the “bad nutrition” in our bodies that causes inflammation.

If we want to support our bodies and encourage good nutrition and protect our memory (brain), we need to focus on these nutritious foods. We then should focus on added more colorful vegetables to encourage a stronger inflammation-fighting response.

Start with these important food:

  1. Dark-skinned fruit, berries
  2. Coffee and chocolate (dark is best)
  3. Coconut oil, cold-pressed virgin
  4. Leafy green vegetables (collards, turnip greens, etc..)
  5. Cold-water fish, salmon
  6. Extra virgin olive oil

With the myriad ways to incorporate these and more fruits and veggies in smoothies or hide them in other dishes it should not be too hard to add these nutritious foods to your diet.

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