Beware of Pink Solution Products. Changes are coming

If you use Pink Solution because you are sensitive to fragrance and other chemical additives to other laundry or cleaning product, be aware that Pink Solution has decided to add petroleum-based fragrances to some of their products. There will still be fragrance-free products, but they will be made in the same factory as the fragrance-added products. Concetta La Marca on the Creation of a Fragrance-Free Environment Everywhere (COFFEE!) facebook page stated: “I don’t recall who, but someone in this group had posted something about Pink Solution now adding essential oils to their product and to call the company to protest. I called, they are in North Vancouver not far from where I live. I spoke to a very nice employee who was very honest. She told me they will not be adding essential oils, but it gets worse. They are not adding essential oils because they won’t work in their product, what they will be adding is chemical fragrance petroleum based. She told me they are in the process of beginning to manufacture a fragranced line that will be manufactured in the same facility. I told her this is not good news, and asked her to pass my concerns to the company heads, told her 35 percent of us have adverse reactions to scent, that clean has no fragrance or smell, that clean is neutral, mentioned Dr. Anne Steinemann, mentioned concern about cross contamination. She was very sympathetic and admitted to me that she is among the 35%, and that she too is not happy with her company’s decision to manufacture this scented line of Pink Solution. Way to contaminate a previously safe(ish) product. I told her they lost my business and will be losing several other customers as a result. She understood.” I am still searching for a truly safe and fragrance-free company that sells safe cleaning and laundry products. Please let me know of any company, products that I can test.

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